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Industry 4.0 is a vision that machines and systems independently monitor all of the important process and system states, share information with each other and optimise the production processes throughout the entire process chain.

Industrial Revolutions 1.0 to 3.0 took the industrial advancements through mechanised processes, mass production and production automation. Today Industry 4.0 pursuits product innovation, increased collaboration, operational process enhancement and cyber-physical production.

However, the road to completely implementing this vision is a long-term evolution for Elif. This is why it is important to specifically define Industry 4.0 for flexible packaging market: Packaging 4.0.

Packaging 4.0 refers to intelligent machines with integrated processes and intuitive operation.


Elif targets to achieve flexibility, quality and cost efficiency at the same time with Packaging 4.0. The new industrial approach allows Elif to answer new strategic trends of:

       Convergence of applications for initiating new advancements

       Greater business focus on energy efficiency and sustainability

       Greater presence of mobility and web-based information systems

Elif started to move forward into Industry 4.0 in 2008 with datamaster software enabling definition of production phases of machines, identifying stops and downtimes, live data collection from the systems and instantaneous sharing of the collected data for analysis.

After transformation of Elif’s ERP system into a full-scale ERP, Elif started to use MII module with integration of PLC devices on all machines. PLCs enabled data flow into operator computers and recording.

With the effective use of APO, Elif has started to control and analyse all inputs and outputs of the system. Implementation of the new system resulted in the harmonisation of production with the variations in the inputs. Live data enables instant diagnosis and analysis of the deviations in the outputs, making it possible to interfere with the system on time.

The strategic platform of Packaging 4.0. enables manufacturing integration and intelligence and plant connectivity.

The increasing intelligence of the machines through integrated automation and operation increase the level of control over process flow which leads to an increase in flexibility, cost efficiency and quality of the production at the same time.

Packaging 4.0 is being implemented in Elif’s plants and business units in multiple geographies and will be developed in accordance with the advancements of the technology.


Neo-Eco is the next evolutionary step in how sustainability is addressed in packaging, with new innovations in material technology improving the product experience. Neo-Eco packaging can improve both the functionality and ecological credentials at the same time through the use of new substrate technology, not just by reducing material usage.

The future of sustainable packaging will not just be in material usage, light weighting and recycling – it will be about empowering consumers with the ability to lead their lives in a more environmentally positive, convenient and functional way. In that way, packaging should enable people to use the product more responsibly and efficiently.

In recent years, innovations of Elif are focused on neo-eco packaging concept. Elif completed 91 NPD and EPD projects in 2016. Recloseable wicket bags, ElifCotty and ElifRibbon were launched consequently in 2014 and 2015.

Being functional with recloseability for hygiene and, at the same time, attracting consumer with its chic design makes ElifCotty and Elif Ribbon good examples of eco-neo packaging. 

ElifHolo, holographic printing solution of Elif eliminating metal substrate usage is another example for neo-eco packaging. While ElifHolo eliminates the metal substrate usage for creation of holographic effects, it also provides cost benefits compared to the traditional hologram applications.

ElifCare and ElifFine are Elif’s eco packaging solutions. ElifCare offers 100% biodegradability and compostability with unlimited shelf life, stable optical and mechanical properties and optimum cost structure.

ElifFine is another example for neo-eco packaging. This new packaging solution of Elif, is a natural material based film offering paper-like natural touch. ElifFine provides stiffness, high strength, tear resistance, barrier properties like plastic films and presents a natural texture with dead fold property of paper due to its unique formulation.


Elif’s latest neo-eco innovation is ElifHybr. ElifHybr is Elif’s state-of-the-art printing technology that uses a combination of different ink transfer systems around a CI drum together with electron beam (EB) curing and ElifHepta colour system. ElifHybr is unique by offering high cost efficiency and a more sustainable process at the same time.

ElifHybr enables customers to diversify their product and campaign portfolio by increasing the cost efficiency of short runs by eliminating the high plate and cylinder costs. ElifHybr also optimises the lost time due to set up by lowering the time spent between two jobs thanks to the robot technology used for changing plates and easy to clean EB inks.

EB curing method used in hybrid printing enables sharp and high quality printing results, lowering energy consumption and eliminating solvent. ElifHepta Color System also leverages vibrant print results.