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Elif Istanbul plant has undertaken an internationally recognised audit that focuses on working conditions within the company. The results achieved by Elif were outstanding. The Achievement Award was awarded with top marks in all areas.

The main focus of the audit was the legal framework, payment and working hours, health and safety, the management system and environmental concerns.

Intertek has assessed the practices of Elif according to the WCA scope, which resulted in performance criteria required for «Achievement Award». With the overall rating across all categories of 100%, Elif was far above global comparisons and well above the national average. Elif is aware that the good performance of our co-workers also depends, to a great extent, on the necessary framework conditions. The presentation of the award is an incentive for Elif to continue to focus on the topics of WCA: (1) Labour, (2) Wages, and Hours, (3) Health and Safety, (4) Management System and (5) Environment.


Elif is moving forward with its vision to be a global benchmark packaging company for the well-being of the society by offering responsible and innovative packaging solutions based on universal principles and Elif values. Together with all of its co-workers, Elif is working relentlessly to create value in a spirit of leadership, through diversity and integrity and with a clear awareness of our responsibility.

Elif’s corporate values reflect the behaviours that shape the future. In order to leverage this approach by recognising co-workers’ achievements, Elif has launched a Reward and Recognition System, which aims to motivate co-worker attitudes, behaviours, efforts and actions contributing these values.

Elif’s Reward and Recognition System forms a base for Performance Reviews and highly appreciated by the co-workers.


In 2016, Elif performed its first co-worker satisfaction and brand loyalty survey.  In its first year, the survey was launched as a pilot survey in Istanbul plant. According to the results of the first-year survey, Elif co-worker brand loyalty is calculated as 69,05%.

Considering the sector and the region, Elif co-worker satisfaction and brand loyalty is well above the average ratings.

In 2017, Elif plans to roll-out the survey in the whole organisation of Istanbul plant as well as Elif Egypt plant.


Elif is certificated with OHSAS 18001 supported by a variety of programs. The goal of Elif's occupational health and safety programs is to achieve greater protection for the welfare of employees, contractors and visitors.

For Elif, occupational health and safety is a cross-disciplinary area concerned with the safety, health and welfare of people under its roof. Activities covered can be listed as

       Implementation of automatic CO2 fire extinguishers in printing department

       7/24 medical healthcare personnel deployment. Application of shift system for medical healthcare personnel

       Conditioning system for plate cleaning system in the printing department

       Smoke and flame detector implementation on distillation machines

       Increasing recycling activity of wasted paper and cardboard by 10%

       Replacing standard visitor cards with multilingual safety instruction integrated visitor cards

       Demonstrating a safety film on the screens of visitor changing rooms

       Use of preventive ruler in pre-press preparation department

       “Drive Safely” training for forklift operators

       “First Aid Training” for all process control engineers and department occupational health and safety responsibles

In 2016,  Elif has experienced 76 cases due to snap blade cuts and/or in cutting department. After restrictions and limitations applied on the cause reason, Elif has decided to use a new type of snap blade knife and non-depletable glove. Use of these new gloves and blades will start in 2017 and it is expected to decrease the number of related cases significantly.

With the exclusion of the above-mentioned cases, Elif remains stable in the frequency and weight of the cases.


Elif has generated more than 200 employment opportunities in 2016. Bringing individuals from different backgrounds, cultures, perspectives and career experiences together, Elif is committed to creating a winning team with a winning culture where co-workers, colleagues and managers diversify and have equal employment opportunity.


Elif is aware that the quality and service which Elif promises can only be achieved through continuous development of qualified co-workers. Therefore, Elif selects high quality employees and invests in human resources by building capability through 'on the job learning' as well as formal programs, trainings and development tools.

The training, education and orientation programs covered by Elif in 2016 are 12 hours per co-worker in total. Elif plans to increase the training programs for career and co-worker development.