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Wet Wipes Packaging

Elif offers a wide range of wet wipe packaging solutions for single and multi-pack wipe flow wrap applications that address specific requirements for moisture barrier, chemical resistance, and burst strength. All structures are engineered to process on high-speed equipment while advanced PE film blending, superior lamination capabilities, and high-quality prints enhance the shelf appeal of your personal cleaning products like hand cleaning wipes, baby wipes, make-up remover wipes, feminine wipes, incontinence wipes, wet toilet papers, and deodorant wipes.


Elif also offers alternative wet wipe packaging film solutions such as ElifFine and ElifHyPEr eliminating the need for lamination. Elif’s films for horizontal pillow packs, recloseable pillow bags, and 4 side-seal sachet applications are designed for high-speed filling and excellent sealing stability at low temperatures. Films for recloseable horizontal pillow pack applications are ideal both for adhesive labels and precisely applied plastic lids.