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UNICEF Platinum Wings

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Elif is proud to be a holder of ‘UNICEF Platinum Wing’!

Elif has been the first supporter of UNİCEF’s “Platinum Wing” program in Turkey. The company is the first Turkish institution conferred with the ‘UNICEF Platinum Wing’, thanks to the regular funds granted by the company to the UNICEF projects that aim to ensure the most disadvantageous children in Turkey and around the world have access to the living, improvement, health and educations services and offer them the same rights as their peers.

Every day, 17.000 children under 5 years old all around the world lose their lives as a result of preventable diseases. The total number of school-age children who do not have the possibility to attend primary school is 58 million. In Turkey, nearly 400,000 children are known to be unable to continue their education, because of being employed as agricultural workers. In addition, 28.2% of girls between 15 and 19 try to continue their lives away from fundamental rights and in a way isolated from the community, 14% of whom have to get married before they are 18.

Elif, as the first holder of the ‘Platinum Wing’ of the UNICEF’s Turkish National Committee, contributes to long-term projects that will create sustainable changes in a way that ensures vulnerable children access to fundamental rights and needs, with regular monthly funds.

With the said funds, several projects are conducted in the national and international levels to ensure that the most disadvantageous children of our society will be able to satisfy their fundamental needs and reach better living standards now and in the future.

With the support given to UNICEF, Elif makes contribution to ensure that hundreds of thousands of children employed as agricultural workers in Turkey are returned to their schools, accommodation and education needs of refugee children are met, an unobstructed world is created for disabled children and girls who are forced to marry very young and moved away from schools complete their education.

Elif, that acts based on the ‘Packaging for Life’ principle in every decision it makes and every step it takes, calls on all other companies to support UNICEF for the same purposes, as the first ‘Platinum Wing Supporter’ of UNICEF in Turkey.