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The champion finalists at the Crescent and Stars of Packaging competition; ElifHyPEr and Elif2Twist!

The “Crescent and Stars of Packaging” competition, organized for the ninth time this year by the Turkish Packaging Manufacturers Association (ASD), has become a global brand in its field. With being awarded the “Golden Prize” in the competition for many times in previous years and entitled to take part in the WorldStar organization, Elif has made a distinguished name in the industry with many prestigious awards. In this year’s organization, the company has proven its determination to shape the future of the packaging industry with the high performance PE packaging solution: ElifHyPEr and the sweetest version of sustainability: Elif2Twist!

A high-performance PE film for product differentiation, sustainability and cost advantage.  ElifHyPEr is a modified and improved PE film to save resources, improve film properties, and optimise films for specific uses. ElifHyPEr offers better optical properties like higher gloss, clarity and lower haze, better mechanical and barrier properties, advancement in film performance and reduced natural resource usage. ElifHyPEr also eliminates the need for lamination with other substrates allowing recyclability of the packaging.

ElifHyPEr, the high-performance PE film solution of Elif is at the forefront of the fast-moving consumer sector in its increasingly competitive environment, thanks to its product differentiation and financial feasibility advantages as well as its contribution to environmental friendliness and sustainability.

ElifHyPEr offers improved barrier properties, enhanced tensile strength toughness and stiffness, better shrink properties, and increased gloss and transparency. ElifHyPEr films have better gloss, clarity and haze. ElifHyPEr is stiffer, have much higher tensile strength, is much tougher, offer two times improved barrier properties and its shrink properties can be controlled over a wide range. These properties of ElifHyPEr offer product differentiation, sustainability and cost advantage for brand owners and consumers.

Targeting to achieve maximum performance with minimum resource usage, ElifHyPEr also offers high strength with its formulation to increase film in durability to the highest level, increasing the resistance to heavy loads by removing the risk of explosion / breakage of the packages. ElifHyPEr, which enhances the tensile power of films with its reinforced barrier properties, also offers brand owner marketing advantage with its clarity and brightness. ElifHyPEr can be used in combination with the desired packaging form and printing options with ease of use spreading from the food and home care sector to the pet care and hygiene sector for a wide range of uses.

ElifHyPEr can be used in various flexible packaging applications like stand-up pouches, in-mold labels, shrink sleeves, draw string tapes, cereal and cracker packaging, sealant wraps, twist wraps, tapes, frozen food packaging, barrier packaging, liners, heavy duty bags and lamination replacement.

With its improved properties ElifHyPEr can be used as an alternative for BOPP or PET films enabling recyclability of the packaging, which leads to recyclable pouches and bags.

Elif has been continuously adding innovative products to its green packaging solutions. In this context, Elif introduced its innovative product Elif2Twist, twistable PE (polyethylene) packaging film for the confectionery sector. Thanks to its excellent bending and shape protection features, Elif2Twist is expected to be the number one packaging choice for confectionery sector with a wide range of applications ranging from hard bonbons to dragees, chocolate bars to candy and lollipops. Tested and approved for food contact, Elif2Twist is becoming an advantageous packaging alternative for confectionery producers with Elif’s various printing and finishing solutions and cost advantages.


With transparent, white and metallized versions, Elif2Twist works fluently on high speed packaging machines thanks to improved surface properties for lower friction. Elif2Twist helps brand owners to increase both brand loyalty and sales with Elif’s high quality printing solutions and finishing/coating applications that meet shelf appeal requirement of confectionery producers.

Elif will continue to add value to life and produce ‘Packaging for life’ for a sustainable future.