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The “TERMS OF USE” given here is applied to the website named and to information and contents within the Website.


Please read the provisions of SECURITY AND CONFIDENTIALITY PRINCIPLES and this TERMS OF USE before using the Website. By entering the WEBSITE and continuing to use the WEBSITE, it will be acknowledged that you are informed regarding such conditions and provisions and you acknowledge the same. In case that you do not acknowledge such conditions or provisions, please refrain from using our WEBSITE.


The definitions used below shall have the corresponding meanings:


“SECURITY AND CONFIDENTIALITY”         : The provisions issued in the WEBSITE as defined here include regulations regarding the security and confidentiality of the WEBSITE.


“USER”: The real persons and legal entities benefitting from the WEBSITE in the scope of such conditions and provisions which enter the WEBSITE by reading and acknowledging the provisions of TERMS OF USE and SECURITY AND CONFIDENTIALITY POLICY.c


“WEBSITE”                                     : website and domain name.


“Elif”                                      : Elif Holding A.Ş. and group companies.


The USER who is a real person declares that he/she is older than the age of 18 by entering the WEBSITE.


The USER acknowledges, declares, and undertakes that the information given by USER on the WEBSITE are accurate; that USER shall be directly responsible for imaginary declarations; that there is no prohibition for USER who is a real person to use the WEBSITE by provisions of articles of incorporation or other provisions.


Elif strives to keep the WEBSITE updated but provides no warranty on the currency of the information on the WEBSITE. Elif is entitled to unilaterally change the information and contents on the WEBSITE without making any preliminary notice at any time. The changes shall be effective at the moment of issuance on the WEBSITE.


The information and contents given on the WEBSITE are provided based on the “as is” principle. Elif acknowledges no obligation or responsibility regarding damages that arise or may arise from any real person’s or legal entity’s interpretation of information on the WEBSITE which is notified of the information on the WEBSITE.


All responsibilities regarding WEBSITE usage belong to you. In this scope, we suggest you use WEBSITE with the entry of accurate information by authorized persons.


We do not accept any responsibility regarding direct or indirect tangible or intangible damages including the loss of profit from the usage of WEBSITE.


Despite the application of the best security systems in relation to the protection of the WEBSITE, we do not guarantee uninterrupted service. We will not be liable for any connection failures, telephone failures, network overloads, technical failures, government measures, and other acts that will prevent connection to WEBSITE or portal conducted by third parties, we shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused or caused by temporary interruptions, failures or other adverse consequences caused by reason.


Elif shall not be responsible for damages and losses arising from actions or negligence of the USER.


You are obliged to refrain from attempting unauthorized access to the WEBSITE, the service provider of the WEBSITE, and any computer or database associated with the WEBSITE.


You shall not be involved in attacks that restrict or hinder the system resources or use of system resources. In the event of a breach of this rule, you will be committing criminal offenses under the laws in force. If such a violation occurs, we will apply to law enforcement agencies and disclose your identity to these authorities and we will work in cooperation. In the event of such a breach, your right to use the WEBSITE will immediately terminate.


We are not responsible for damages or losses in case that your computer hardware, data, and other related materials are affected by viruses, trojans, worms, logic bombs, and similar other harmful technological materials and elements by downloading contents and materials in the WEBSITE or usage of WEBSITE or any other website.


You shall be directly liable for any damage or loss you may incur to us or third-parties as a result of your bringing the SITE to unusable status or in any action that restricts or restricts the use of the SITE by including in the SITE any viruses, Trojan horses, worms, logic bombs, and other harmful technological materials and elements. You shall be directly liable, irrespective of the nature of the loss, defect, or cause. Please use only genuine and secure software, and before entering the SITE, make sure your system is free from bad software.


All intellectual and industrial rights, content information, and materials in the WEBSITE are owned by Elif. All contents in this WEBSITE are protected by legislation and international agreements relating to the protection of information, intellectual and industrial rights. The Users may not copy, reproduce, modify or use the information, design, or content contained herein without permission for commercial purposes. This site cannot be copied to be considered to be the same by others or shared by third persons. The link here cannot be copied to another site or referred for commercial purposes. Elif is not responsible for processes arising from links or having this website at another domain or internet address.


As Elif, we may change the TERMS OF USE at any time. You are expected to check the TERMS OF USE from time to time for any related changes, as these provisions are binding on your behalf. Some of the rules found in the TERMS OF USE may be abolished by being published in another part of the WEBSITE.


The laws of the Republic of Turkey shall be applied for interpreting and applying the TERMS of USE. The Courts and Enforcement Offices of Istanbul shall be authorized to settle any dispute that may arise or be related to the TERMS OF USE and the visit to the WEBSITE.


We would like to remind you that under our privacy policy we will keep records of your information in our system and allow you to keep such records using the WEBSITE.


For more information and inquiries, please contact us at