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Elif Sustainable Eco Solutions

Elif’s Offerings Are Part Of The Solution To Future Challenges

Elif enables customers to reach their sustainability goals by using more recycled content,bio-based materials, bio-degradable green PE, and fully recyclable HyPEr/PE laminate structures.

Elif’s goal for consumer goods products in Europe, to be achieved by 2025, is to develop packaging that is 100% recyclable, reusable or compostable. Consequently, Elif launched in 2020 its Elif Sustainable Eco Solutions range. The brands and solutions within this sustainable product offering are addressing a particular challenge or environmental goal.


A High-Performance PE packaging solution. Modified and improved to save resources, improve the film properties, and optimize films for specific uses.

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A 100% Recyclable PE pouch solution. Elif’s green innovation allowing recyclability of the packaging and can be applied on all pouches. Elif’s recyclable PE pouch solution meets the growing demand for recyclable and environmentally-friendly packaging.

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Recyclable high barrier laminate solution. ElifProLite is Elif’s fully recyclable high barrier laminated packaging solution for the flexible packaging industry. Thanks to its mono-material structure & homogeneous composites which suitable for recycling through the available corresponding recycling streams.

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Renewable resource PE packaging solution. ElifGreen is a renewable resource PE flexible packaging film filled with Green PE granules made from sugarcane in various percentages. It offers to keep the same mechanical properties as in fossil-based PE films and is a 100% recyclable, renewable, and sustainable film solution.

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A sustainable post-industrial resin solution. ElifPIR is a sustainable flexible packaging containing post-industrial recycled material. Post Industrial Resin (PIR) is plastic waste recovered from industrial process and consist of a blend of recycled resins coming from industrial waste.

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A Sustainable post-consumer packaging solution. ElifPCR is an eco-cyclic packaging solution containing high-quality post-consumer recycled materials recovered from commercial, industrial, and household waste.

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A Sustainable paper packaging solution. ElifNatura is a paper packaging solution, which can be used for a variety of different applications in the field of flexible packaging.

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A twistable PE eco-solution. Elif2Twist is an eco-innovation, twistable PE packaging film that can be used in confectionery packaging. Manufactured by the alternative film obtaining method developed with the machine direction orientation (MDO) technique.

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A compostable packaging solution. ElifNatty is a compostable film formulated with a family of innovative bioplastic alloys based on biodegradable polymers totally or partially obtained from renewable resources.

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Bio-degradability with unlimited shelf life. ElifCare is differentiated from other eco-friendly packaging solutions with its unlimited shelf life. ElifCare has stable optical and mechanical properties and is applicable for all packaging purposes – both printed and unprinted.

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Changing the printing game. ElifHybr is the hybrid printing technology of Elif using a combination of different ink transfer systems with electron beam curing and ElifHepta colour system. ElifHybr offers elegant printing results and cost-efficient solutions for especially in short runs.

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A cost-effective solution for differentiation on shelf and anti-counterfeiting. The increasing commercial counterfeiting does not only threatens brand image but it can also damage brand loyalty and revenue. Hence, ElfHolo serves as an important way of brand protection and shelf appeal.

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The artisan finishing solution. ElifCrafty offers a premium brand image with an artisan look. ElifCrafty leverages brand conformity of the packaging and is the best solution for brands with a natural brand positioning.

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