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Elif, which constantly emphasises the importance of equality of women and men and the difference made by the touches of women in every field of life, has actualised one more project to include the power of housewives in the national economy.

Elif acts with passion and aims to do the best for humanity in every corporate decision made and step taken. Accordingly, Elif has offered job opportunities to housewives in tying operations of hundreds of thousands of bags produced by the company in 2015 and 2016, which in turn has created a total women employment of 235 working days. In 2017, job opportunities for housewives is planned to be increased by 25%.

Being conscious about the fact that achieving higher level of development requires increased women involvement in the economy, bigger share from development pie for women and improvement of their position in the family, Elif will continue to launch new social responsibility initiatives.


Elif expresses its belief in the strength and importance of equality of women and men at every opportunity by putting new projects into effect, and as it does every year, the company celebrated the March 8 - International Women’s Day with the participation of its all employees – women and men.

Elif acts on the principle of cultural diversity and employment and continuously expresses its belief in the strength of equality among people in terms of religion, language, race and gender. The company attaches great importance to provide the power of the participation of women in the economy.

In this direction, Elif gave succulent flowers to its all employees in a project aiming to raise social awareness about the equal representation of women and men in the political, social and business life and equal opportunities to exercise legal rights.

Elif believes that women must be at least as strong as men both economically and socially, have an active role in the business life and take part in all dimensions of life. The company calls everyone on duty, free of gender, for eliminating the barriers on this way.

Embracing respect to humanity as an indispensable dimension of its management approach, Elif is aware of the fact that more than being a demand, improvement of the position of women in the community and their participation in the business life is among the highest needs of our society. The company will continue to display activity in line with these principles and carry out new projects which add value to life.

Elif signed United Nations Women Empowerment Principles in 2016 and acts accordingly.


As in 2005, Elif continued to celebrate Christmas by supporting TEMA with sapling donation in the names of its customers. TEMA, Turkey Foundation for Fighting Erosion, Reforestation and Preservation of Natural Assets has been working for 22 years to raise awareness about fighting erosion, protecting soil and natural beings. The most important supporters of TEMA's afforestation work are donors.

In 2015 and 2016, Elif donated over 1,000 seedlings on behalf of its customers for Christmas greeting, planting an area about half a football field. With its afforestation activities supported by its foundation from now on, Elif is constantly supporting the enrichment of the nature and protection of the environment by planting over 10,000 trees.

Elif also celebrates special days like World Environment Day, and International Woman’s Day with pine seeds, plants and similar environmental presents.


Elif took another big step in its corporate social responsibility projects. In 2016 Elif continued its support for animal shelters to protect stray animals.

Elif, acting based on the principles of social responsibility and producing “Packaging for Life” since its establishment, has extended the scale of its social responsibility projects for a brighter future. Considering the fulfilment of the needs of stray animals that are desperate for help and protection, Elif donated 1,000 kg of cat and dog food to Yedikule Animal Shelter. As an important part of its “Corporate Citizenship” responsibilities, the company visits animal shelters to cover their needs.

Yedikule Animal Shelter, as a voluntary-basis operation, is home to thousands of cats and dogs. All medicine and pet food needs of the animals in the shelter are fulfilled by the donation and efforts of shelter volunteers. Yedikule Animal Shelter also offers visitors the opportunity to adopt cats and dogs through a meticulous adoption or protection system. The Animal Shelter is the largest in the region and also works to spread zoolatry among the future generations with well-organised student visit programs.

Elif will continue to support animal protection organizations have an active role in generalization of such projects to produce “Packaging for Life”.


Elif continuously works in close relationship with LÖSEV, the Foundation for Children with Leukaemia. On top of its donations for LÖSEV and LÖSEV shop, this year, Elif organised a 2017 new year surprise for the children with leukaemia. Details will follow on.