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Elif helps to fight against loss of food with United Nations SAVE FOOD Initiative

Elif is proud to be a participant of the SAVE FOOD initiative to help preventing food waste and the loss of valuable resources.

Elif has a pioneer role for flexible packaging industry in terms of investing in innovative and responsible production solutions that reduce natural resource usage and waste throughout the supply chain. Underpinning its approach of sustainable development, Elif focuses on Corporate Social Responsibility projects that will upgrade the quality of the lives of the societies it touches.  As a global supplier of flexible packaging solutions, Elif is deeply committed to food packaging safety and public awareness of this issue as an important social responsibility project.

The Save Food Initiative -campaign against global food loss- was initiated at the beginning of 2010 by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and Messe Düsseldorf GmbH. The aim of the Save Food congress is to develop new concepts which contribute to the more efficient use of food resources amongst industry experts, researchers, politicians and consumers.

Elif is aware that while packaging materials serve for informing and performing for functional purposes, main role of the packaging is to protect the product, and therefore, sustainability of packaging is dependent on these three functions. Elif’s most important leverage for the global society is the quality of packaging materials that helps societies access better quality products. Elif’s know-how can considerably contribute to the provision of confidence and peace of mind in the eyes of the food industry and consumers alike.

As part of Save Food Initiative, Elif is particularly keen to promote information interchange and cooperation between all parties and partners involved in the value chain. Elif will continue to contribute towards ensuring extended shelf life, reduce waste and deliver ultimate product and brand protection.