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Quad-seal (Stabilo) Bags

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Quad-seal (Stabilo) Bags

Quad-seal bags are laminated side-gusseted bags with four main panels for product branding. Quad-seal bags are ideal for products requiring larger packages with strength and visual impact as well as good palletisation. Elif's quad-seal bag solution offers safe and secure packaging for products in every moment of life. The quad-seal bags are also called as stabilo bags and serve numerous industries including food, personal care, home care and pet care. Since it is tailor- made, Elif's quad-seal bag solution is available in customer-specific sizes and applicable to a wide range of product quantities, from small single use amounts to large amounts such as pet food and horticultural chemicals. Elif's unique design and bag-making capability offers recloseability and easy handling even for heavy duty bags as well as optimised barrier solutions to maximise shelf life of the products.