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ElifTwist – PE Twist Films

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ElifTwist – PE Twist Films

With outstanding printing quality and ideal twist properties, Elif offers PE twist film ElifTwist to piece wrap a large variety of pre-formed confection, ranging from hard candy to chocolate truffles as well as chocolate bars, taffy and caramels. High gloss and transparency polyethylene based film ElifTwist is used for wrapping candies, chocolates and other sweets. ElifTwist stays twisted by a single twist, preserving the candy’s fresh flavor, texture and shape. ElifTwist is also ecologically safe and can be recycled replacing traditional materials that harm the environment, such as cellophane, paper and PVC. ElifTwist is available in a variety of colours, including transparent, matte, gloss, white and metallised, providing high visibility of the candy or chocolate.