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Barrier Films

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Barrier Films

Barrier films are used to increase the shelf life and quality of products especially in food and pet food category by ensuring protection from drying out or the absorption of moisture, oxygen, light, foreign smells, and loss of flavour. Elif’s co-extruded films are tailored exactly to the requirements of our customers for excellent aroma protection and a longer shelf life of their products. We provide barrier films available in all material combinations (e.g. with SiOx, EVOH or OPA) for optimal barrier properties as well as special additives like metallocenes or ionomers ensuring ideal seal strength, exceptional hot tack together with fine optics of the material and special solutions such as cold seal application. Our advanced, high-barrier Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) films are carefully formulated for gas-flush processing, deaccelerating growth of bacteria, mold and microbes, while protecting product nutrition and colour for fresh foods.