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Printing & Finishing Technologies

Flexographic and ElifHD Printing

Excellent quality, with high contrast, perfect registration and control. Elif is highly regarded for its extensive experience in flexographic printing technology. We ensure continuity to high quality standards in flexo printing like ElifHD and full HD, thanks to close tracking of new innovations and technologies.

ElifHybr - Hybrid Printing

Outstanding quality and sharp resolution, ideal for low volumes. Elif’s latest printing technology leverages brand owners challenged by high cylinder and plate costs. Offering a hard-to-reach print quality, hybrid printing combines advantages of different printing technologies, EB curing and fixed colour palette.

ElifHolo - Holographic Printing

Holographic printing technology ensures high visual effects and prevent forgery. The advanced technology can be applied on most typical packaging materials and it ensures significant cost reduction when compared to the existing holography solutions. The new technology provides cold stamp and UV application.

ElifCrafty - Paperlike Coating

Paper-like coating enables a paper-like look and texture for the substrate plastic film. This new advanced coating can be applied to all plastic substrates like OPP, PET and PE. With this solution you can have the look and feel of craft paper and all advantages of a plastic film. Elif’s paper-like film solution, ElifFine, is another alternative to achieve paper-like natural texture with additional environmental friendly benefits. 

UV/EB Curable Coating Applications

UV/EB curable coatings offer excellent environmental benefits, food safety and has an overall favourable cost. Elif’s chemically curable coating applications have rigid bonding produced by crosslinking and chemical polymerisation and can be designed to provide extra barrier property of odour. UV/EB curable coating processes are solventless and offer significant energy saving. Elif closely follows the developments in UV/EB curing technology.

Cold Foil Application

Cold foil applications can provide the ultimate product appeal when combined with the design. Cold foil applications of Elif will enhance you logo and /or image on the packaging design and are not limited with gold and silver but extend to a range of pigmented foils. For varying visual effects of holography please see our holographic printing application ElifHolo.

Matt and Gloss Finishing

Our full or partial matt and gloss finishing options provide and elegant look and can be used to highlight the specific part of the packaging. Superior matt and glossy finishing effects of Elif also offer high resistance to abrasion and scratches.