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Elif continues to wing the kids into a beautiful future with its’s 'Platinum Wings'!

Last year, UNICEF Turkey National Committee's first 'Platinum Wings' supporters, Elif, with the awareness of social responsibility has continued to support UNICEF this year too.

With the regular Fund of the Turkish national committee of UNICEF, platinum, gold and silver wing supporters, they sponsor UNICEF's activities to ensure that children with difficult conditions in Turkey and around the world have access to nutrition, health, protection and education services and equal rights with their peers. Elif not only supports ‘platinum wing’ but also supports all kinds of activities for increasing platinum, gold and silver supporters and supports UNICEF Turkey National Committee.

Today, every 15 seconds a child cannot be fed enough, so every day 15,000 children die for preventable reasons, and there are 61 million children in elementary school who can't go to school. In Turkey, 422 thousand children with disabilities can not continue their education because of the lack of appropriate conditions, and more than 400 thousand children can not continue their education due to seasonal agricultural labor. There are also many girls in Turkey who try to survive by isolating themselves from society and who have been married before the age of 18.

As the first ‘Platinum wing’ supporter in Turkey since last year, Elif has been contributing to the realization of sustainable projects in order to achieve the basic rights and freedoms of these children and to maintain their lives on equal terms with the other children. Last year, with regular funds from Elif and other supporting organizations, 2.5 million children were treated with severe acute malnutrition, 13.6 million children were vaccinated against measles, 29.9 million people were given safe access to safe drinking, cooking and personal hygiene, 2.8 million children were given psychosocial support and 5.5 million children were given formal or non-formal access to basic education.

Elif, one of the long-term supporters of LÖSEV in line with the vision of ‘Packaging for Life’, is aware that hope-filled tomorrows will be possible with hopeful children and invites all institutions and organizations to support non-governmental organizations such as UNICEF and LÖSEVwho serve this meaningful purpose.