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Our Technology & Capabilities


With packaging being such a visual and tactile touch point between consumers and a brand, Elif targets to develop packaging solutions offering mutually beneficial value propositions for its customers and their consumers.

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Manufacturing Capabilities

Our technologies and resources to provide an optimum solution for your packaging requirements. Elif offers competitive advantage with its latest technology manufacturing capabilities for its customers in search of improved business results.

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Printing & Finishing Technologies

Differentiate your brand with high-definition print capabilities in up to 10 colours. Achieve sharp and bright colours, holography, high resolution and the ability to print photographical image quality.

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Pre-Made Bag Solutions

Discover the benefits that pre-made pouches and bags contribute to your business results. Elif’s wide range of bag-making lines offer all types of pre-bags like stand-up pouches, quad seals, flat bottom or wicket bags equipped with features like 2D laser scoring, custom shape, spout, slider & zipper or cotton string closure wicket bag for you.

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Certification and Conformity

We have adopted the concept of Total Quality Approach over all of our processes to get the confidence of fully audited packaging that meets the increasingly robust safety, quality and traceability requirements of our customers, processors, retailers and consumers.

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