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Elif is committed to creating sustainable value for wellbeing of the earth and the society. Our packaging reaches millions of people all around the world every day, helping to create a happier and healthy life. We exist for People in every sphere of life. Our business is “Packaging for Life”.

This year’s Sustainability Review touches upon the ever-growing ambitions and the achievements of Elif Packaging in creating “greener” solutions for packaging, our joint efforts, and promises regarding a waste free environment and the revision of our operational performance with an environmental understanding. Our commitment to making all our packaging recyclable or reusable by 2025 has paid off in terms of increasing recycled material use unquestionably and encouraged the world to do more recycling of packaging.

We are at a thrilling part of our journey to a sustainable future and are determined to keep our earnest promises of the protection of the environment in a better way and at the same time expanding as a company and pleasing those for whom we work.

Elif is thankful for your thoughts and feedback and a regular report will continue to be presented to you regarding our progress.

The well-being of the earth and people is at the core of Elif’s commitments to a sustainable future. Millions of people all over the world use our packaging for a healthy and happier life. We are in every step of life for the people and we are “Packaging for Life” as a business. Our work on sustainable business practices helps to strengthen the connections between our brand and the people who touch our products billions of times every year in more than 50 countries.

Knowing that our business will grow and succeed sustainably together with the quality of life in society, this is fundamentally important to us. For this purpose, we have prioritized certain steps in our business that are closely related to creating high-quality packaging for happy and healthy moments of life. In that, we have reconstructed our brand with a unique B2B2C approach in the packaging industry that puts consumers and life at the heart of packaging called the “Packaging for Life” concept.

As Elif, we aim to become a pioneer in the packaging sector for strategic trends and the next generation of packaging. Creating projects and activities focusing on the pillars of society, women and children, we also plan and launch projects for supporting women and children’s rights.

Safety is a key focus area for Elif. We are working relentlessly to reach our goal of “No Injuries”. Investing in new systems, tools and programs, we target to continue improving our performance in the coming years.

We have completed 6years as a supporter of United Nations Global Compact and 8 years as a member of SEDEX. We will continue to participate in new organizations and programs to sustainability management.

For more than a decade, packaging has become a key focus area for the brands to communicate their sustainability credentials. With packaging being such a visual and tactile touch-point between consumer and brand, innovations have come thick and fast.

Neo-Eco is the next evolutionary step in how sustainability is addressed in packaging, with new innovations empowering consumers with the ability to lead their lives in a more environmentally positive way.

ElifGreen, ElifNatty, ElifPCR and ElifPIR are our latest neo-eco innovations. Thanks to these new printing and color technologies, our customers can now serve their customers with a wider range of products and campaigns. You can access more information about Elif’s neo-eco innovations in the past 6 years in the Marketplace section of this sustainability update.

Industry 4.0, the new industrial revolution, is advancing its way to our business transformation as the sustainability and efficiency contributions of technological innovations increase day by day.