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Manufacturing Capabilities

Blown Extrusion Films

Meet Elif’s film co-extrusion capabilities to improve performance of your packaging and achieve cost objectives. Films can be co-extruded in multiple layers and stretched in machine direction to deliver targeted attributes.

Blown films use an annular (circular) die and are slow-air quenched, delivering more crystallinity and better barrier. According to the packaging requirements of your product, low and/or high density multi-purpose polyethylene raw materials are converted to mono or multi-layer films

Laminated Films

Get strong and protective laminated films engineered for your desired barrier, and performance characteristics. Laminated films allow for reverse printing and improve barrier properties of the packaging. Lamination protects the ink and combines barrier properties of various films.

In order to meet aesthetical and physical expectations of our customers, Elif is capable of producing multi-layer laminated films with solvent and solvent-free lamination techniques.

Custom-Manufactured PE Films

Single-door resource and expertise to develop congruent PE films engineered for specialised products, high performance targets, custom packaging methods or downgauging initiatives.
High performance PE film, ElifHyPEr, enables higher barrier properties, enhanced tensile strength and stiffness, better shrink properties, and increased gloss and transparency.