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Ground Coffee & Coffee Beans Packaging

Elif packaging solutions for ground and whole bean coffee allow your product to stand out on the shelves with differentiating printing technologies like ElifHybr, ElifHolo and materials like ElifFine and ElifHyPEr. Elif’s packaging films and pouches are specially designed to keep your products freshness and extend shelf life with a high barrier protection against oxygen and moisture. Customised stand-up pouches offered by Elif meet consumer demands for ground and whole bean coffee with easy opening and recloseability features for convenience. Elif’s pre-made and rollstock stand-up, quad-seal and flat bottom pouches can also be equipped with deaeration valves, which are very important for coffee beans because they produce gases, and antistatic features, which are very important for packing of ground coffee. Holographic, metallic, paper-like, matte and gloss finishing options offer both tactile and visual experience for consumer engagement.