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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the application process like?


Our recruitment process starts with the announcement of the relevant position. We consider both internal and external simultaneously. After carefully reviewing the received applications, we create a shortlist of candidates and start the first interviews.  We may invite the candidates to meet (online or face-to-face) with the manager of the relevant department in this phase.


After completing various *assessment practices (foreign language test, personality inventory, case study, presentation etc.), we invite the selected candidates to an interview with the relevant Manager/Director, General Manager, and/or HR Business Partner, for the final stage. Following the reference checks, we send a proposal to the candidate we believe matches the requirements of the relevant position.


When resume verification is set, we gladly start the recruitment process.


*Our assessment practices may differ according to the positions.


Where can I follow job postings in Elif?


You can find vacancies and internship opportunities at Elif,  via our and LinkedIN pages.


May I apply by E-mail?


To apply by mail, please send your CV with a short cover letter for the position you are interested in to


How long will it take to get a response to my application?


We show ultimate attention to respond to you within two weeks after the first interview.


However, due to the overload of applications, if there is no return during this time, we encourage you to contact us.


Do you also return if my interview result is negative?


We pay strict attention to keeping you informed about your application status within 2 weeks.


Do you have more questions?


If yes, please do not hesitate to liaise with us from here.


We look forward to your message!