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Increasing day by day the solutions it creates both for people and the environment based on their “Packaging for Life” approach, Elif has invested in the future again with its tri-generation project that was put into effect in October 2015. 

With an intention to meet sustainable and quality energy requirement of its production plant in Istanbul, Elif’s tri-generation project was launched under Elif’s NOsume Energy Program, taking a further step in the way of sustainability.

Innovative project of Elif was targeted to ensure energy is produced from the same system simultaneously by a yield of 180% both in form of electric used for production as well as heating and cooling. Furthermore, with its low carbon emission, the tri-generation system allows clean, environment-friendly and local power generation, thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Designed to generate 4MW power, the project also targeted to ensure 3.2MW heat energy recovery from the natural gas generator systems. Elif uses the system to

       produce low-carbon electricity

       recover energy to obtain thermal oil

       recover energy to obtain chilled water.

Tri-generation system started to run for test purposes in early 2016. Early results of the test run have performed 42,8% calculated and 36,1% efficiency in electricity usage. 

While tri-generation project enhances energy efficiency and results in considerable improvement in the sustainability performance, it also minimises possible quality related problems with the materials and, consequently, waste of materials that may occur as a result of power outage. Additionally, the project also allows for a reduction of the maintenance costs by improving production efficiency. Thanks to the tri-generation project launched by Elif, which represents an initiative for energy efficiency and sustainability in the industrial sector and setting a worldwide example, Elif continuous to be a source of inspiration for all industrial organisations with its sustainability efforts.

Founding all its projects on use of minimum natural resources since the beginning, Elif continuously works to reach its vision, “Packaging for Life”, by adding a new solution every day to its environment-friendly solutions as well as its projects in the field of sustainability. Elif will go on putting into effect its projects that contribute to the protection, improvement and sustainability of human life and the environment and work for a sustainable future with its new investments.

The first year GHG emission results of Elif after implementation of tri-generation system show a 10% decrease and are expected to reach the targeted levels after the authorisations are complete. The full year results will be shared in next issue of the Sustainability Report. Elif will continue to invest in the tri-generation systems in 2017.


Elif has taken its place on the stage by participating in Green Dot Awards with its project of “Succeed More with Less” in the category of “Prevention Applications Reducing Resources in Packaging Design”.

Increasing performance of packaging materials in hygiene, detergent and consumer tissue segments by reducing their thickness at an average rate of 40% in its studies of the last 25 years, Elif has reduced energy consumption, increased productivity, and decreased waste and wastage rates in logistic and resource consumption in parallel with reduced raw material usage.

Continuing its R&D studies within the framework of “Packaging for Life” approach, Elif works unceasingly to leave a healthy future for next generations with projects that reduce natural resources usage.


“Environmentalist Facility Awards” commenced 3 years ago at the initiative of the Turkish Healthy Cities Association pioneering cities to create healthy environments and aimed at encouraging model business organisations. The fact that the companies possessing ISO 14001 have carried out social responsibility projects with regard to the environment has also been taken into consideration when determining facilities to be awarded in the organisation where companies with effective permission and license certifications, possessing first class GSM licenses in metropolitans and provinces have been investigated. Having used productive and economical methods and technologies and improved itself consistently in this matter since 1972, Elif has gained its place as the only member of flexible packaging sector. Elif has minimised the level of direct waste to the nature by maintaining high level waste recycling and/or reutilisation by certificated companies. In parallel with its sustainable growth, Elif, possesses ISO 14001 Certificate for the last 10 years. Elif is also the first packaging company to obtain the new EU complied Environment Permission.


Taking a step further in environmentalist activities as part of its program to increase the awareness of environmental problems and the struggle against climate change, Elif distributed 10,000 pinus pinea seeds to its employees in the scope of “June 5 – World Environment Day” celebrations.