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ElifProLite - Recyclable High Barrier Laminate Solution

ElifProLite is Elif’s new fully recyclable high barrier laminated packaging solution for the flexible packaging industry. Thanks to its mono-material structure & homogeneous composites which suitable for recycling through the available corresponding recycling streams.

ElifProlite has excellent film performance and superior processability for high-speed packaging applications. ElifProLite’s high barrier laminate features offer excellent aroma protection and prolonged shelf life.

ElifProLite is a recyclable laminate with high barrier properties that replaces non-recyclable grades and helps our customers to meet sustainability expectations of consumers and achieves 2030 recyclability targets of the EU Commission.

Key Benefits of ElifProLite:

  • • Designed for recyclability with high-barrier properties against humidity and oxygen
  • • Mono-material structures.
  • • Optional integration of barrier properties against light and minerals oil.
  • • Suitable for packaging of an array of products, contributing to their shelf-life extension.
  • • Lighter than conventional laminates of the same thickness.
  • • Higher product-to-package ratio.
  • • More environmental-friendly and easier to recycle.
  • • Excellent optical properties.