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Elif Sustainable Eco Solutions

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ElifPIR is a sustainable flexible packaging containing post-industrial recycled material. Post Industrial Resin (PIR) is plastic waste recovered from industrial process and consist of a blend of recycled resins coming from industrial waste.

ElifPIR has both a lower environmental footprint and similar mechanical strength as virgin plastic packages. Due to its known source, ElifPIR delivers the same performance as standard plastic packaging with the benefit of reduced CO2 emission and energy consumption.

ElifPIR encourages our customers to offer responsibly produced products based on post-industrial materials.

Key Benefits of ElifPIR:

  • • Eco-cyclic packaging solution with a lower footprint.
  • • Consistent quality thanks to its known source.
  • • High level of quality and consistency.
  • • Decreases the need for both raw materials and the energy required to produce packaging materials.