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Elif Sustainable Eco Solutions

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ElifPCR A Sustainable Post-Consumer Packaging Solution

ElifPCR is an eco-cyclic packaging solution containing high-quality post-consumer recycled materials recovered from commercial, industrial, and household waste.

Compared to only virgin plastic containing flexible packaging, ElifPCR provides a sustainable packaging solution that has lower CO2 emission and energy consumption.

ElifPCR generates lower environmental footprints in its life cycle and contributes to Circular Economy.

ElifPCR conserves natural resources and meets the growing demand from end-consumers for environment-friendly packaging.

Key Benefits of ElifPCR:

  • • Reduces the need for new fossil-based plastics and protects the environment.
  • • Less environmental impact than virgin plastic material films.
  • • Over 25% less greenhouse/carbon gas emissions than virgin resins.
  • • Reduced CO2 emission and energy consumption.
  • • Contribute to a circular economy by utilizing recycled material into the circle again.
  • • Quality is comparable to virgin grade products.