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Elif Sustainable Eco Solutions

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ElifNatura – A Sustainable Paper Packaging Solution

ElifNatura is a paper packaging solution, which can be used for a variety of different applications in the field of flexible packaging.

ElifNatura is an innovative and eco-friendly flexible packaging solution for food and non-food products.

Due to its special structure, ElifNatura provides advantages for low barrier applications and high processability for paper pouches.

ElifNatura is a perfect example of a responsibly produced product that is an optimum solution for pro-environmental packaging based on natural material.

Key Benefits of ElifNatura:

  • • Natural feel.
  • • Available in different grammages.
  • • Outstanding printing properties.
  • • Uncoated version of ElifNatura is widely recyclable in the paper stream.
  • • Good machinability on vertical and horizontal packaging lines.
  • • Suitable for food and non-food products.
  • • Approved for direct food contact.
  • • Meets health and safety standards and is FSC(R) certified
  • • Environmentally friendly.