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Elif Sustainable Eco Solutions

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ElifGreen – Renewable Resource PE Packaging Solution

ElifGreen is a renewable resource PE flexible packaging film filled with Green PE granules made from sugarcane in various percentages. It offers to keep the same mechanical properties as in fossil-based PE films and is 100% recyclable, renewable and sustainable film solution.

Elif Green is certified by TÜV Austria with the OK bio-based label.

ElifGreen allows recyclability of the packaging helping customers to meet consumers’ sustainability expectations and achieve 2030 recyclability targets of the EU Commission.

Key Benefits of ElifGreen:

  • • Fully recyclable where polyolefin recycling streams for flexible packaging in place.
  • • Renewable resource.
  • • Offer keeping fully identical properties as in fossil-based PE films.
  • • Release lower CO2 gas emissions (up to 75% lower Carbon Footprint versus traditional PE).
  • • Responsibly sourced sugar cane (BonSucro certified) versions are available.
  • • Applicable for all kind of flexible film packaging products.
  • • Available with up to 100% renewable resin in mono-material polyethylene structure.
  • • Eligible to be certified by TÜV for BCC content.