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ElifCrafty is the artisan finishing solution of Elif offering a premium brand image with an artisan look. ElfiCrafty leverages brand conformity of the packaging and is the best solution for brands with a natural brand positioning. Elif’s artisan coating solution provides the look and feel of paper, is applicable on a wide range of flexible packaging substrates and is an excellent alternative to paper laminates. ElifCrafty offers a tactile and visual experience for the consumer and creates an emotional connection.

Key Benefits of ElifCrafty:

  • • Outstanding product differentiation and shelf appeal
  • • Offers tactile and visual experience of paper without destruction of forests
  • • Combines moisture and gas barrier properties of plastics with artisan look and feel of paper
  • • Lightweight provides material saving and lower transport costs
  • • Higher seal performance achieves higher production outputs
  • • Applicable on a wide range of flexible packaging substrates
  • • Easy recycling o film compared to traditional polymers.
  • • Possibility of including up to 10% of regenerated material in the second life of films without changing the mechanical properties.
  • • Cost saver respect currently available holography technologies