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Elif Sustainable Eco Solutions

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Elif2Twist- A Twistable PE Eco-Solution

Elif2Twist is an eco-innovation, twistable PE packaging film that can be used in confectionery packaging. Manufactured by the alternative film obtaining method developed with the machine direction orientation (MDO) technique.

With transparent, white, and metalized versions, Elif2Twist works flawlessly on high-speed packaging machines due to improved surface properties for lower friction.

Elif2Twist helps brand owners to increase both brand loyalty and sales with Elif’s high-quality printing solutions and finishing/coating applications that meet the shelf appeal requirement of confectionery producers.

Key Benefits of Elif2Twist:

  • • Eco-friendly packaging system with recyclable structure.
  • • Replaces PET/PVC film structure and allow more packaging with less material.
  • • Achieves cost advantage by obtaining more packaging with less raw material.
  • • High gloss and clarity.
  • • Cutting-edge product solution for the food sector.