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Elif2Pouch – A 100% Recyclable PE Pouch Solution

Elif2Pouch is Elif’s green innovation allowing recyclability of the pouch and can be applied on all pouches. It is Elif’s recyclable PE pouch solution to meet the growing demand for recyclable and environmentally-friendly packaging.

Elif2Pouch has a high moister barrier and puncture-resistant properties and can be designed with a customizable oxygen barrier.

Elif2Pouch allows recyclability of the packaging helping customers to meet their customers' demand for environment-friendly packaging and to achieve 2030 recyclability targets of EU Commissions.

Key Benefits of Elif2Pouch:

  • • Great optical properties: High clarity, transparency, and gloss
  • • Excellent stiffness and strength.
  • • Recyclable with all other PE materials.
  • • Recyclable closure, spout, and zipper options.
  • • High barrier to moisture.
  • • Excellent puncture resistance for even higher product protection.
  • • Customizable oxygen and aroma barrier to prevent moisture.