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A chic, cute and fancy way to equip hygiene bags with a recloseability. Elif’s innovative wicket bag solution, ElifRibbon, is specially developed for feminine care market for brand owners seeking a differentiating packaging innovation. Having been developed based on consumer needs and demands, the new wicket bag is an exciting and chic alternative to the standard wicket bags on the market which offers consumer appeal and safety at the same time.

ElfRibbon is a recloseable wicket bag with ribbon knotted closure system. ElifRibbon is an innovative wicket bag, with a ribbon integrated to the bag on a fully automated production line for a chic recloseability. The new wicket bag with ribbon is an exciting alternative to the standard wicket bags on the market.

ElifRibbon bag-making line is the first wicket bag making machine that is capable of inserting the ribbon through the edges of the bag and making a knot on the ribbon automatically.  The availability of Elif’s exclusive ribbon bag technology on the specific converting machine broadens the consumer perception of wicket bags beyond the standard applications. The new wicket bag with ribbon is expected to attract especially young users of feminine hygiene pads with its chic and elegant look on the shelves as well as functional recloseability for all users. The ribbon helps users to re-open and re-close the wicket bag in a simple way after tearing the perforation, and ensures safe and neat storage of the products during the usage.

Elif provides solutions for mainly food & beverage, household and fabric care, personal hygiene and retail sectors, where the market dynamics change quite rapidly and, therefore, speed of new product entry into the market, quality of material and print as well as service flexibility and excellence have critical importance. Elif’s quality and sustainability approach as well as its flexibility and strong technology development capability allow it to be open to tailor-made and/or customised packaging requirements of its customers. To realise that approach, Elif leverages closer relationships with its customers, ensuring that Elif, as their packaging partner, fully understands the dynamics that are shaping its customers' markets to deliver the innovative packaging that they need and want. Elif will continue to offer not only standard solutions but new packaging concepts that have been developed together with its customers and partners.