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ElifHyPEr - A High-Performance PE Packaging Solution

ElifHypPEr is a high-performance PE flexible packaging film. Modified and improved to save resources, improve the film properties, and optimize films for specific uses.

ElifHyPEr offers improved barrier properties, enhanced tensile strength, toughness and stiffness, and increased optical properties like higher gloss, lower haze, and more transparency.

ElifHyPEr enables downgauging, eliminates lamination, or can be used as a replacement of PET-OPP structure in PE lamination while ensuring recyclability. Compared to laminated films, ElifHyPEr meets customer requirements for better mechanical, optical, and barrier properties.

Key Benefits of ElifHyPEr Films:

  • • Improved optical properties. Better clarity & transparency
  • • Four times higher gloss.
  • • Enhanced performance in stiffness and machine direction break strength.
  • • Increased dead fold & twist retention properties.
  • • Better oxygen and water vapor barrier.
  • • Lamination options with renewable bio-based material (ElifGreen)