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Multicolour printing solution. ElifHepta uses a colour management system converting spot Pantone colours into a fixed colour palette or extended fixed colour palette. Reducing set-up time and cost, ElifHepta vanishes the barriers in front of brand owners who want to increase the assortment of their packaging design.

Enhance end-to-end optimisation and achieve consistent, high quality colours for brilliant printing results with ElifHepta colour management system. ElifHepta provides a fully integrated process from the brand owner’s design at the front end to the pre-press and printing at the back end. With a wider colour gamut achieved with seven standard colours, ElifHepta leverages Elif’s printing capabilities of flexographic printing and our World Star Award Winner hybrid printing solution ElifHybr to deliver cost-effective short-to-medium run flexible packaging.

ElifHepta boosts brand quality and consistency in a sustainable and efficient way. The advanced colour management system is a complete multicolour solution for extended gamut printing, allowing the conversion of spot colours to CMYK + 1, 2 or 3 additional inks. Depending on the print application and requirements of the brand owner, a CMYK(OGV) fixed ink set can replace some or all of the spot colours. It also provides complete predictability on the gamut and accuracy that can be achieved with any ink set, allowing the optimal choice.

Converting packaging graphics from CMYK and spot colours to standard seven-colour process with ElifHepta enables Elif to print more colours than available ink stations on the press, resulting in improved image quality, reduced production lead-time, economic savings and shorter press downtime during job changes.

Elif’s innovative approach aims to meet brand owner expectations with its advanced flexible packaging solutions. It prides itself on close customer relationships and on a full understanding of the dynamics that shape the FMCG market, when delivering innovative packaging solutions with tangible business results.

Today, brand owners need to offer a competitive advantage in delivering faster time to market, more customised packaging designs, standardised spot colours for product differentiation and brand identification. They also need to offer eco-friendly and sustainable packaging technologies and complex packaging operations with lower costs. ElifHepta colour management system provides the ideal blend of quality and an economical printing process that the major FMCG companies are looking for.