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A natural touch of re-closeability for wickets bags used in feminine care sector. Elif has added the cotton string wicket bag, ElifCotty, as swell to the innovative and elegant wicket bags upon intense interest of brand owners. ElifCotty is an excellent solution for the brand owners looking for a natural packaging concept and functionality for product safety and hygiene.

Elif’s cotton string wicket bag, ElifCotty, provide not only ease of use by its simple reopening-closing opportunity after its perforation but also protects its hygiene. Having achieved to move one step further on shelves due to its ease of use and innovative form, the bag has become the centre of attention of consumers with its outstanding printing technology and succeeded in gaining customer loyalty within a short time by its dynamic and feminine appearance.

ElifCotty recloseable wicket bag is achieved by a fully automated line for integrating the cotton string through the edges of the packaging during bag-making process. ElfCotty offers a natural packaging concept for consumer appeal and differentiation as well as product safety and hygiene thanks to its recloseability and fully automated production line.

Aiming at meeting future trends and changing consumer needs and stipulating customer requirements, Elif presents packaging products that possess combinations which will differentiate the clients and high-quality standards and special technologic solutions. Continuously developing its resources, products and services by using the latest scientific and technological innovations and presenting a quality for the society, environment, business partners and customers one step ever further than their expectations, Elif will always continue to affix its signature to exemplary projects throughout the world with such a vision it has.