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Next Generations & Education

Elif is aware of the fact that development of countries and living standards of communities can be achieved only by providing better conditions for the new generations. Therefore, Elif relentlessly works for value-added projects parallel to its principle of sustainability and social responsibility. As part of our citizenship, we look for strategic partnerships with leading international organisations to expand our purpose of packaging for life.

Elif’s social responsibility focus for next generations and its education targets to leverage the standards of needy-indigent children and improve access to quality education for students worldwide using the combined power of Elif and its business network. Creating a difference in packaging industry with its “Packing for Life” approach, Elif continues to expand its long-term social responsibility programs on next generations & education while creating new projects. In line with its sustainability policy, Elif invests for the future by supporting programs and adding value to human society and especially to future generations.



Elif hosted the event "Training for G7 Expert and Professional Certification Live Online" in collaboration with IDEALLIANCE-EUROPE from March 15th to 19th, 2021.

Elif, a global benchmark company for flexible packaging, explains how the philosophy of ‘Sustainable Packaging for Life’ encapsulates its belief that producers in this field must innovate to develop the best solutions for everyone around the world to live a healthier and more sustainable life.

Customers want sustainable packaging. Companies have to adjust to this. Together with its customers, the packaging manufacturer Elif works to develop individual solutions that are both economical and sustainable. Hakan Salargil, Executive Chairman of Elif Holding, explains in an interview why a customer-oriented approach is so important.

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