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Elif has started its globalisation literally with its overseas investments for expanding its production and distribution facilities. In order to reach its vision of becoming a global leader in the flexible packaging industry, Elif has started its transformation through global corporate governance model by gathering its legal entities in Switzerland, Turkey and Egypt under Elif Holding roof. In 2015, Elif initiated a corporate governance development project to identify critical processes in corporate governance, to improve these processes, and to ensure continuity of this development as part of corporate culture.

In order to strengthen the leadership position in the global flexible packaging industry, Elif has adopted the need to continually upgrade its corporate governance standards. In the final quarter of 2015, Elif started its studies in order to participate in the Turquality program, a guiding tool for corporate governance developed by Deloitte strategic management consultancy.

Preliminary review of Elif for Turquality program is made by McKinsey Consultancy in August 2016. As a result of the preliminary audit, Elif took an important step towards ensuring continuous and world-class institutional development and achieved to be a part of Turquality program on October 18th, 2016.

The Turquality program will be launched in Elif with a 5-year development roadmap aiming to improve Elif's global corporate governance in the following 10 areas:

1. Strategic Planning and Corporate Performance Management

2. Brand Management

3. Brand Performance

4. Supply Chain Management

5. Marketing, Customer and Trade Management

6. Product Design / Research and Development

7. Financial Performance

8. Human Resources Management

9. Corporate Governance

10. Information Systems Management


Elif’s management reviewed the positioning of the «Elif» brand as well as the brand's vision, mission and main strategies as a part of the Turquality program.

Elif announced its new vision, mission and strategy statements revitalised as a result of a series of workshops organised by Elif’s management together with co-workers from all functions and levels of the organisation.

While «well-being of the society» becomes the core of mission statement, innovation and leadership values are empowered in the vision with «shaping the future of packaging for the focused customer segments» statement. Elif’s main strategy is revitalised as «Geographical prevalence and leadership in sustainability, innovation, quality and technological primacy».


Sales growth is achieved by our B2B2C business approach, by winning with the customer by focusing on the consumer, and driven by both Elif’s sustainable business model and expanding packaging solution portfolio strengthening efforts that are underway. Business objective of Elif is to consistently deliver organic sales growth ahead of underlying growth of the segments in the markets it competes. Elif targets high level of top-line growth running together with consistent bottom-line growth. This target was set by Elif in order to deliver leadership levels of value creation for Elif and its business partners.

2016 has been a dynamic year for Elif. While expanding our investments to cover capabilities essential to our customers’ success, Elif also continued its growing business results. With the leveraging effect of Egypt operation, Elif has closed year 2016 with 12% growth compared to the previous year. Enhancing its ability to serve changing customer needs through its strategic and innovative investments, Elif has increased its capacity parallel to the mid-term growth targets of the company. 


In parallel with its growth strategy and capacity policy, Elif grew its production capacity by 15% with existing and innovative capabilities. Elif’s capacity policy is an obligation for its investment and growth strategy to keep its flexibility and respond to the peak demands from the customers. According to Elif’s capacity policy, the necessary additional capacity investments are placed when the production demand reaches 75% of the capacity. Infrastructural investments of Elif will continue in 2017 to cover the mid-term growth targets of the company.

Elif added new production lines and systems to its operations including the new generation extrusion lines, Elif’s new printing technology «ElifHybr» and the «ElifHepta» colour management system. With these new investments, more than 130 production lines are currently running under Elif’s roof in Istanbul and Cairo plants. In 2016, Elif’s capacity reached 100,000 tonnes with more than 1,500,000 MM printing and around 2.5 million bag-making capacities.


Elif’s Cairo plant in Egypt has started operation in early 2015 with 350 planned co-workers and 25.000 tons of production capacity. The new Middle East Africa packaging hub of Elif is constructed considering further extension of the facility for future capacity requirements parallel to the raising packaging needs of the region. 

In 2016, Elif doubled the capacity of Elif Cairo plant and reached a headcount of 333 qualified co-workers equipped with the know-how transfer from Elif’s global talent pool.