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Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainable Packaging for Life

Responsibility is our key value. We behave responsibly within the ecosystem of society, environment and our business partners. This value articulates our unique approach in every decision we make and every step we take.

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Next Generations & Education

Elif is aware of the fact that development of countries and standards of communities can be achieved only by providing better living and education conditions for the next generations.

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Equality & Women Empowerment

As Elif Holding group of companies, we relentlessly emphasise our belief in the power of “equality of man and woman‟ through the light of our diversity and equal employment principles.

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Natural Resources & Environment

Elif acts responsibly toward the environment and promotes productive and source saving methods and technologies in its business activities.

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Access to Food & Prevention of Food Waste

One third of all food is either wasted or lost before or during consumption. This amount of food is enough to meet food needs of communities with food and water shortage.

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