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Business Plastics Initiative

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The Business Plastics Initiative Representative Companies Join Forces Against Plastic Pollution!

Elif is proud to be a part of the Business Plastics Initiative as an indication of its sustainability strategy.

Global Compact Turkey, World Business Council for Sustainable Development, TUSIAD carrying the fight with plastic pollution a step further with the establishment of "Plastic Business Initiative”. By responding to the initiative's call, companies want to be a part of the solution announced their determination with their plastic commitments by 2021.

The Business Plastics Initiative was established to encourage private sector organizations demonstrating their commitments for plastics and to allow transparently report their commitments on an annual basis. The plastic commitments of the companies involved in the initiative will be reviewed regularly and the progress made will be shared with the public every year.

Responding to the initiative's call, 26 companies, including Elif, announced that they will determine their plastic commitments by 2021.