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Towards “Green Factory” through Green Energy Project

Elif, one of the leading companies in the manufacturing sector with its sustainability approach and successfully accomplished projects, has realised its Green Energy Project on 1st January 2012. Within the context of the Green Energy Project signed with ‘Sanko Energy’, Elif began using 100 percent of renewable water and wind energy for its energy needs in order to reduce its carbon footprint in its production facility as well as its head office in Istanbul.

Elif acts responsibly towards the environment and the society, promotes productive and cost saving methods and technology and develops its business activities within this framework. Putting its signature under this benchmark green energy project, Elif aims to be a pioneer in spreading the use of green energy across the industry.

Tracking its sustainability management performance to create long term value for sustainability, Elif plans continuous enhancements in environmental, social and economic frameworks of sustainability and convert its giant production facility located in Istanbul to a “Green Factory” in 2013. Within the framework of this goal, Elif designs all of its projects in 2012 with the objectives of 100 percent renewable energy use, minimum use of natural resources and maximum renewability and recyclability in the utilisation of resources.

For Elif, sustainable development means the combination of long-term oriented economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility. Elif’s Green Energy Project has proved its commitment to sustainable development to its business partners and community. Sustainable practice is an integral part of Elif’s corporate culture and, therefore, Elif will continue to be a leader in sustainable development with new investments and initiatives strengthening its sustainability approach.