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The wind of ElifHybr during the “Crescent and Stars of Packaging 2016” event!

ElifHybr was among the champion finalists at the Crescent and Stars of Packaging competition. The innovation solution from Elif has also been entitled to take part in AsiaStar and WorldStar; the most prestigious competition events of the packaging industry.

The “Crescent and Stars of Packaging” competition, organised for the seventh time this year by the Turkish Packaging Manufacturers Association (ASD), has become a global brand in its field. With being awarded the “Golden Prize” in the competition for many times in previous years and entitled to take part in the WorldStar organisation, Elif has made a distinguished name in the industry with many prestigious awards. In this year’s organisation, the company has proven its determination to shape the future of the packaging industry with ElifHybr, the first hybrid printing technology of Turkey.

ElifHybr printing technology, which combines different printing technologies and makes use of the electron beam curing system, is able to offer optimum level of quality, cost-effectiveness, rapid market introduction and environmentally friendly production in relatively small-scale projects necessitated by the increasing requirements of product diversification and marketing in the challenging competitive environment of the fast-moving consumer goods and food industries in particular.           

By speeding up the market introduction between 50% and 70% in average thanks to the time advantage provided in the printing preparation and installation processes, ElifHybr offers great benefits to customers of the fast-moving consumer goods industry, who want to obtain competitive advantage with fast introduction of new products, promotions and campaigns.

In line with the increasing level of marketing activities, ElifHybr eliminates the quality and high-cost related problems of companies that aim to differentiate packaging designs for personal, regional or similar requirements and apply promotions with customised designs, campaigns and promotions. This innovative solution supports brand loyalty of customers by helping form an important emotional bond between the brand and consumers. On the other hand, customisation, specialisation and differentiation requirements in marketing are fulfilled with reduced installation, printing cylinder and printing block costs. ElifHybr makes it possible to apply any desired design on various types and qualities of packaging films, regardless of colour and thickness preferences.

In addition to the marketing advantages, ElifHybr also differentiates itself with the contribution made to sustainability as well as its environmentally friendly structure. High levels of energy savings is obtained thanks to the electron beam technology utilised during curing. The hybrid printing technology offers the optimum solution for the environment by eliminating solvent use and volatile organic compounds (VOC) during the drying process, thanks to the special inks developed for the electron beam curing technology. The innovation provides energy savings up to 65% with instant curing and reduced ink consumption by 60% as well. In addition to the special electron beam inks and the technology eliminating solvent use and VOC emission, energy consumption and emission levels are also decreased during the drying process, which in turn ensures combined reduction of 75% in carbon footprint.

In addition to the important R&D projects conducted for meeting the packaging needs of its customers and offering superior products, Elif closely follows the advancements in new materials, techniques and technologies. The products and systems developed through R&D projects are combined with an innovative approach, staff of experts and state-of-the-art technologies in line with the objective to provide the best solutions to the industry. As before, Elif will continue to expand its innovation studies and offer “Packaging for Life” with the aim to go beyond expectations through its B2B2C approach.