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The sweetest version of sustainability: Elif2Twist!

Working with a sustainable future vision since 1972, Elif contributes to the protection and improvement of the environment and human life with its ‘Packaging for Life’ approach. Elif has been continuously adding innovative products to its green packaging solutions. In this context, Elif introduced its innovative product Elif2Twist, twistable PE (polyethylene) packaging film for the confectionery sector.


Thanks to its excellent bending and shape protection features, Elif2Twist is expected to be the number one packaging choice for confectionery sector with a wide range of applications ranging from hard bonbons to dragees, chocolate bars to candy and lollipops. Tested and approved for food contact, Elif2Twist is becoming an advantageous packaging alternative for confectionery producers with Elif’s various printing and finishing solutions and cost advantages.

With transparent, white and metallized versions, Elif2Twist works fluently on high speed packaging machines thanks to improved surface properties for lower friction. Elif2Twist helps brand owners to increase both brand loyalty and sales with Elif’s high quality printing solutions and finishing/coating applications that meet shelf appeal requirement of confectionery producers.

Elif will continue to offer environmentally friendly products for every day changing and developing packaging needs, develop projects to leverage environment and human life with state-of-the-art equipment and expert R & D team and produce ‘Packaging for Life’ for a sustainable future.