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Sustainable Quality with ‘Human Respect Award’

Elif’s commitment to a healthy and sustainable development of its human resources and its awareness of responsibility towards the society are honoured with’s ‘Human Respect Award’ as a result of its consistent Human Resources Policy based on qualified recruitment and sustainable development.

Elif got its ‘Human Respect Award’ at the Human Resources Summit held on February 15th, 2012 at the Lutfi Kirdar Convention and Exhibition Centre from Turkey's leading human resources platform,, which is designed to highlight and announce successful companies in the human resources field to the public. With this second award, received from Turkey's leading recruitment and human resources companies within the last 6 months, Elif has proved the quality of its Human Resource Policies and its commitment to that quality. This success of Elif is based on the intensive and studious work of its Human Resources Department that aims to increase the satisfaction of candidates and potential applicants by high in-person answering ratio, detailed information given to applicants on recruitment process and the absolute delivery of expectations.

Candidates are also closely involved in the decision of companies to be awarded by selecting their favourite companies in terms of HR processes, brand value of employer and their communication with the applicants. Elif, which was selected as one of the companies with the  fastest and highest applicant respond rate in the context of ‘Human Respect Awards’, is growing its organisation with a consistent Recruitment and Human Resources Policy based on qualified recruitment and sustainable development of its human resources.

Elif is also aware that the quality and service it promises can only be achieved with

qualified employees. Therefore, Elif carries its success of the recruitment area to all of its human resources processes in order to take its quality, always, another step forward.