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Sustainability is part of our DNA

Elif, a global benchmark company for flexible packaging, explains how the philosophy of ‘Sustainable Packaging for Life’ encapsulates its belief that producers in this field must innovate to develop the best solutions for everyone around the world to live a healthier and more sustainable life.

Victoria Hattersley spoke to Sustainability Director, Dr. Betül Türel Erbay


While many of us are moving into 2021 with a cautious sense of renewed hope following a testing year, the key environmental challenges we face are still looming large as ever. Each year, millions upon millions of tonnes of plastics are leaked into the environment, and according to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation only around 10% of the total produced is recycled. There are no simple answers.


We all know that the packaging industry – and the world into which it feeds – has a huge task to face when it comes to getting on a more sustainable, circular path. Sometimes this task looks insurmountable, because it is so multi-faceted. What does Elif believe are the major challenges to be faced by the flexible packaging sector in particular?

“Packaging is part of the solution to future challenges. However, one of the biggest challenges for sustainability so far is the various processes of collecting and sorting the packaging waste and how to include them in the cycle in order to create a real circular economy,” begins Dr Betül Türel Erbay, Sustainability Director at Elif. 


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Source: The Wider View series by Packaging Europe