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Special Prize from Istanbul Chamber of Industry to Elif’s “NOsume Energy” Project Saving 10.000 Trees for Earth!

Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO) awarded the Special Prize to the Compressor Heat Recovery project put into practice by Elif under its energy consumption minimisation program at its 14th Environment and Energy Awards.

Elif has yet added a new one to its successes achieved in international platforms through the strategies developed and steps taken towards achieving its global vision. Such success achieved with its customers, business partners and employees transformed Elif into a globally recognised, prestigious and global brand in the packaging industry. Elif continues to reinforce its distinctness and leadership within the flexible packaging industry each day through its quality and sustainability efforts, as well as the investments made under its umbrella.

As a result of these efforts and investments, Elif adds to the awards in the fields of prestigious quality, sustainability and innovation awarded to it by important global brands such as Coca-Cola, Ipek Kagit, Ontex and Proctor & Gamble day by day. Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ISO) awarded the Special Prize in the “Energy Efficiency and Implementation Project” category to Elif for its compressor heat recovery application that was put into practice within the scope of “NOsume Energy Project” in the 14th Environment and Energy Awards held thereby on December 2014.

Continuing to apply new systems, technologies and applications in different scales under the roof of “NOsume Energy” program for the purposes of minimizing energy consumption; Elif put the first large scale compressor heat recovery project implemented worldwide into practice for the same purpose. With this heat recovery project completed successfully, Elif enabled the recovery and reusability in the production cycle of the heat discharged by the compressors employed at its Istanbul production facility, which is held up as an exemplar all across the world. The project has the feature of being the first large scale compressor heat recovery project put into use not only in Turkey but also throughout the world.

As a result of this project, when all economic factors are taken into consideration, Elif has made up for the first investment cost of the new system in a period of less than one year by inactivating one of the hot water boilers in its current systems. According to the first-year results of the project, the system completed and put into practice by Elif in March 2012 led to a reduction of 330 tonnes per year in CO2 emissions through an energy saving of 30%. According to this, Elif will have contributed equal to the benefit provided by planting 10,000 trees in the campaign against global climate change.

This successful system, being employed by many firms all over the world at different scales, makes Elif proud of being the pioneer of such a successful system in the global platform. Developing all its operations for the purpose of employing productive and energy-saving methods and technologies, Elif stands out with its dedication for sustainable development and with the added value created thereby for the environment and the society. Having applied the concept of sustainability as an integral part of its corporate culture, Elif will continue investing in sustainable projects that are developed through its mentality of innovative management and power of its professional human resources and in cooperation with its customers and suppliers. 

About İstanbul Chamber of Trade (İSO) Environment and Energy Awards

“Environment and Energy Awards” aim to choose the most successful investments carried out and applications developed in favour of the protection of the environment in 2013 by industrial enterprises that are the members of “Istanbul Chamber of Trade” (ISO) and feature them in a manner that will set an example for the whole industry. Prizes were awarded to Large Scaled, Small and Medium Scaled Enterprises separately for each one of the “Innovative Environmentally Friendly Product”, “Energy Efficient Product”, “Environmentally Friendly Application”, “Energy Efficiency Application Project” and Environment and Sustainability Management” categories within the “Environment and Energy Awards”, the 14th of which was held this year.