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Special package solution of Elif brought “WorldStar Award” to Balparmak Katla Balla!

Developed and manufactured by Elif for Balparmak, Balparmak Katla Balla Package got the “WorldStard Award” in the most prestigious packaging competition of the sector, organised by the World Packaging Organisation. “WorldStar Award” is the 4th award honouring the Balparmak Katla Balla Packaging.

Balparmak Katla Balla which eliminates the risk of food contamination in honey due to dense sugar environment and high osmotic pressure contained in the honey through a special polyethylene film formulation designed by R&D team of Elif as a result of package development studies together with its customer to provide the demanded physical and functional properties, was deemed worthy of an award by 4 different organisations in 2014. This innovative package enables honey to reach consumers securely from the manufacturing up to the consumption point through a special film which also offers a perfect source by a low-temperature polystyrene material. The packaging proved its success worldwide by also receiving the “WorldStar Award” in the WorldStar organisation held by the World Package Organisation following the “Gold Award” in the Food category of the “Competition of Stars and Crescents of Package” (Ambalaj Ay Yıldızları Yarışması) held by the Association of Package Manufacturers, “The Best Design Award” in Package and Consumable Products category of 4. Design Turkey Industrial Package Awards, and the “Excellence in Packaging Award” in consumer packages branch within the scope of Asia Star awards granted by Asia Packaging Federation.

Elif, tracking consumer trends in order to make a difference by offering new products to add value to commercial activities of its customers and product packages, closely follows the developments in materials, techniques and technologies and develops its own portfolios and systems together with the R&D studies it conducts. Through this approach, Elif has become the packaging solution partner of the leading multi-national brands in the global arena, and has its name rather frequently mentioned through the prestigious awards it receives in the field of sustainability and innovation. Attaching great importance to R&D studies and technological developments since its foundation, having its name rather frequently mentioned by its innovative packages, and continually renewing its manufacturing technologies and R&D investments, Elif proved its success one more time in the ‘Turkish R&D 250’ list in which R&D champions of Turkey appear.

Elif aims to offer the best solution for its customers through its innovative approach, expert staff and equipment of the latest technologies and it will continue to be always one step ahead of expectations in the future as it has done so far and to add value to life by manufacturing “Packaging for Life”.