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Shelter animals are protected from cold by Elif!

Elif signed a new effort to protect shelter animals from cold weather, making an addition to the social responsibility projects it carries out for stray animals in need of assistance and protection.

 Acting with an awareness of social responsibility and having produced 'Packaging for Life' since its foundation, Elif, year by year, continues to extend and support traditional social responsibility projects for a sustainable future. By taking the need for assistance and protection of stray animals as a part of its responsibility of 'Corporate Citizenship', Elif has produced a flexible film with a special formula to cover the cages in which animals are housed, in order to protect shelter animals from cold weather during the hard winter conditions currently experienced. With these flexible films produced at maximum thickness and density, Elif eliminated the cold air in the cages, helping shelter animals to spend the winter safer.

 Elif, which has donated tons of food to Yedikule Animal Shelter in the previous years, calls on all institutions and organisations to provide support for stray animals in need of assistance and protection. Serving on the basis of volunteerism and offering a house to thousands of cats and dogs with love, Yedikule Animal Shelter fulfils all health and nutrition needs with the donations of volunteers. The Yedikule Animal Shelter, which provides a chance to meticulously adopt a dog or a cat through their homing or sponsorship system, also aims to install animal love within future generations through student visits.

 As it has done until today, Elif will continue to support the projects and institutions that contribute to social development, have an active role in their expansion, and produce 'Packaging for Life'.