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P&G recognised Elif as one of the Top Performing Global Partners

Elif has been recognized with the ‘P&G 2013 External Business Partner Excellence Award’ that acknowledges performance, collaboration and partnership.

Among P&G’s more than 82,000 suppliers and agencies, Elif received the highest honour by being named as the receiver of one of the “External Business Partner Excellence Awards 2013” amongst the 92 top suppliers. The Procter & Gamble Company has recognised its top performing external business partners at its annual External Business Partner Recognition Dinner on 23rd October 2013, in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

Elif is honoured to have won this prestigious award for its outstanding efforts to create innovative value and packaging solutions with the aim of helping its clients achieve their goals. This award is a clear indicator of the fact that Elif has achieved its objectives of offering continuous innovation through closely monitoring of the latest technologies, research & development studies, and technological infrastructure. Only about 0.1% of P&G’s global suppliers has been able to receive this prestigious award so far. 

Elif upholds the values and principles of its customers in every action and decision by treating their assets as its own and behaving with their long-term success in mind. Elif is and will be an unrivalled packaging solutions partner, with global and diverse culture serving 360° Tangible Experience for its customers with continuous innovation and sustainable practices.