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Packaging for Life for Kids with leukaemia!

Elif continues to support little hands reaching for the sun by sustaining its traditional LOSEV social responsibility projects with LOSEV Shop Transport Bag Sponsorship.

Since its establishment in 1972, Elif, acting with the awareness of social responsibility and producing “Packaging for Life”, increasingly continues to expand and annually support its traditionalistic social responsibility projects that aim for a sustainable future. Sponsoring the carrier bags of LOSEV which provide all kinds of materials and moral aid to the poor families of children suffering from leukaemia and blood disorders and meeting all of their needs in recent years, Elif continues its supports also this year by sponsoring carrier bags for LOSEV, an institution of hope for many.

Elif continues to increasingly support and sponsor LOSEV, one of the most reputable non-governmental organisations in Turkey and in the world that has been growing each year. A large variety of LOSEV products can be ordered at a tiny cost from the LOSEV Shop online store by a single click and delivered to an address anywhere in Turkey without any additional postage fees.

The continuity of LOSEV projects means more hope for our mothers and children. With such consciousness, Elif continues to manufacture with the aim of “adding value to life”. Together with all of its resources and business partners, Elif will continue to support all efforts of LOSEV of creating resources and becoming a ‘life’ for the children with leukaemia.

Believing that a sustainable future is only possible through the active participation of healthy and conscious individuals in all aspects of life, Elif, with its ‘Packaging for Life’ approach, hopes to continually increase its projects that aim to ‘add value to life’. Like it does each year, Elif will continue to take an active part in supporting and popularising projects that contribute to the social development of the community.