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Our 5th year with UNICEF Platinum Wings!

We continue to be UNICEF's 'Platinum Wing' supporter in our 5th year, by supporting UNICEF Turkish National Committee's efforts to ensure that disadvantaged children in Turkey and around the world have their fundamental rights.

ISTANBUL – 19.04.2022  We are proud to be 'UNICEF Platinum Wing' supporter this year, by continuing our contribution to the work of UNICEF Turkish National Committee to ensure that children in Turkey and around the world have access to life, development, health and education services and have equal rights with their peers. Since becoming the first "Platinum Wing" supporter of UNICEF Turkish National Committee in 2017, this year Elif continues to support the program for the 5th year in a row.

UNICEF aims to deliver emergency humanitarian aid to 327 million people by 2022, including 177.7 million children. In Turkey, UNICEF is working on the objectives of ensuring that every child receives at least one year of pre-school education, increasing employment opportunities that will enable adolescents and young people to develop their skills and competencies and reaching a better future, preventing all forms of child abuse, and supporting the strengthening of social services for disadvantaged children.

Thanks to the contributions of Elif and other supporting institutions and individuals to UNICEF, which works entirely with voluntary donations, 2.4 million children received treatment for severe acute malnutrition in the first 11 months of 2021. 34 million people have access to safe clean water and 110.7 million children have access to formal or non-formal education, including early learning.

In 2022, as a "Platinum Wing" supporter, we are happy to continue contributing to the access of disadvantaged children to their rights and to support long-term programs that create permanent change for children in Turkey and around the world. We invite all companies to support UNICEF.