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New investments at Elif’s Istanbul plant

Elif continues to draw attention to its services and innovative solutions specially developed for its customers, contributing to its rapid growth around the world. Parallel to its sustainable growth targets, Elif has increased the capacity and capability of its benchmark factory located in Istanbul with new investments.

Elif’s Istanbul plant is one of the most important production facilities in the world with its architecture, sub-structure as well as its technology and high production capacity. Elif is expanding its printing and cutting departments in particular with new investments in order to meet customers’ growing and changing needs of flexible packaging. Elif, continues to engage in new investments to provide unique, fast and high quality flexible packaging solutions with the aim of effectively responding to the rapidly increasing and changing customer needs.

Constantly working towards providing the ‘360˚ Tangible Excellence’ experience to its customers in various sectors and geographies with leading brands around the world, Elif aims to maintain its success in markets that it holds leadership as well as increasing the market share in markets that it recently entered and cultivate an unrivalled brand from “Elif” nominated as the standard of quality. Correspondingly, Elif will continue to make new investments and expand and develop human resources to meet the increasing business objectives and volume of business.

In 2012, Elif has celebrated its 40th anniversary of establishment with environmental, social and economic projects serving its sustainable growth target. Offering packaging solutions to more than 50 countries worldwide, Elif celebrated its 40th year not only with projects under the globalisation headline but also with corporate social responsibility projects aiming to develop communities and raise their awareness as well as protecting the environment and natural resources.