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Ipek Kağıt approved Elif’s grade A outperformance of sustainability

Elif is pleased to be declared as İpek Kağıt’s A Grade Supplier Quality Group which honours suppliers who have excelled at driving business value and innovation.

Elif, making a distinguished name for itself with its significant investments, continues to receive awards for its successful operations. İpek Kağıt’s First Grade Suppliers are chosen on their ability to provide amazing experiences for their customers with their quality systems, compliance with tolerance, awareness for urgent orders, timely application of corrective actions, and transmission quality inspection report in every shipment.

Elif provides products and services of superior quality and value that help its clients articulate their goals, and chart a course which navigates them from where they are today to where they want to be tomorrow and beyond. Elif believes that strong business partners play a decisive role in developing business excellence. Therefore, a close strategic partnership with Elif’s customers, is its key to creating value through innovation, sustainability and operational excellence.

Elif’s key differentiating feature is its persistent approach to customer satisfaction. This achievement is confirmed by the solutions developed through achieving customer satisfaction as well as Elif’s management approach. Elif will always aim further with its quality services and continue to improve and put its best efforts to do better.

About İpek Kağıt:

İpek Kağıt Tissue Paper is the leader of Turkey’s tissue paper industry with the most popular tissue paper brands in the market such as Selpak, Solo, Silen etc. İpek Kağıt primarily manufactures toilet rolls, paper napkins, pocket tissues, kitchen rolls and facial tissues for home and commercial use. As a fully-owned Ezcacıbaşı Group company, İpek Kağıt aims to develop its powerful brands, valuable human resources and advanced technology in order to grow more rapidly in the global tissue paper market while maintaining its leadership in Turkey.