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Interpack 2014: We are “Packaging for Life”

Elif, the global supplier of flexible packaging solutions, introduced its new vision of “Packaging for Life” at INTERPACK 2014 in Düsseldorf, Germany:

Elif’s packaging reaches millions of people all around the world every day, helping create a happier and a healthier life.

The Company exists for People in every sphere of life.

Elif’s business is “Packaging for Life”.

This year visitors of INTERPACK experienced a different aspect of packaging. On top of its new packaging materials and innovations, this year, Elif has also introduced its new vision of packaging.  From the first day of its establishment, Elif has always acted with the awareness of its packaging materials’ main purpose: serving People in every sphere of life. When you are making fun with your friends, when you are taking care of your baby, when you are sharing your time with your child, when you are away from the city for a piece of freedom, packaging solutions of Elif is always there to serve you for what you need, for your happiness and health, every day, across the world.

Elif’s new brand video, showing Elif’s perception of “Packaging for Life”, welcomed visitors at Elif’s booth. Centred around “Packaging for Life”, Elif’s visitors also had a chance to touch, see and hear about its latest packaging innovations. Elif presented innovative, high-performance and eco-efficient solutions at INTERPACK 2014, meeting its new claim “Packaging for Life” by addressing the trends and demands of its customers and their end-users.

Food safety and protection is a topic at the forefront and a growing concern across the globe as well as at INTERPACK. With its innovative packaging solutions that save natural resources, that fight against food waste, and that contribute to a more sustainable environment, Elif is excited to be part of SAVE FOOD, a global initiative pioneered by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations and Messe Düsseldorf to fight global food loss.

Elif presented a new bio-degradable flexible packaging material for brand owners. The patented biodegradable solution of Elif, ElifCare, is differentiated from other eco-friendly packaging solutions with its stable optical and mechanical properties and applicability for all packaging purposes both printed and unprinted. Elif’s well designed packaging solution ElifCare brings significant benefits, particularly avoiding waste of the product itself e.g. keeping food fresher for longer as well as reducing their environmental impact and ecological footprint. At INTERPACK 2014, Elif also highlighted an extensive range of creative packaging solutions and technology that will help brand owners deliver their products in a safe, cost-efficient and sustainable way.